What is Senior Care?

Senior Care provides adults, with Medicare Part B as primary insurance coverage, the opportunity to learn to cope with, and adjust to, the myriad of changes that can occur when one reaches this stage of life. Older adults often encounter emotional challenges such as:

  • ·         Dealing with grief or loss
  • ·         Declining physical health
  • ·         Caretaking of a severely ill spouse or parent
  • ·         Loneliness or isolation
  • ·         Adjusting to being retired
  • ·         Feeling depressed or anxious
  • ·         Difficulty coping with change
  • ·         Crying spells and/or anger outbursts
  • ·         Changes in sleeping patterns
  • ·         Increase or decrease in appetite
  • ·         Changing family roles, which can cause a strain in family relations
  • ·         A sense of hopelessness or helplessness
  • ·         Experiencing a sense of loss of independence

How can Senior Care help?

Senior Care can help by offering an individualized plan of care, which is developed specifically for each individual’s needs. Treatment is coordinated by a treatment team which includes the individual, the Medical Director, the therapists, and other staff. The intensive therapy provided is done on an outpatient basis and aids individuals in gaining insight into their illness and in learning coping strategies to cope with and adjust to the challenges they are facing. Group therapy is utilized, and individual and family therapy is offered as needed, to help each individual regain a sense of control in their life. The treatment team at Senior Care will give periodic updates to you Primary Care Physician, with your written consent.

How can someone be referred?

  • ·         Referrals can come from anyone:
  • ·         Primary Care Physician
  • ·         Physician’s Assistant
  • ·         Counselors
  • ·         Nurses
  • ·         Family members
  • ·         Self Referrals

What happens next?

After a referral is received, a confidential assessment will be arranged and conducted by a qualified professional at the Senior Care facility or in your home. 

If you are deemed able to benefit from the program, an appointment will be arranged to consult with the Medical Director for an evaluation and admission into the program.

Who is eligible for Senior Care?

To be eligible for the Senior Care program, the individual must:

  • ·         Have Medicare Part B as a primary insurance
  • ·         Be diagnosed by the Medical Director with a psychological disorder such as depression or anxiety
  • ·         Be cognitively able to benefit from participation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • ·         Be able to assist oneself in the activities of daily living (assist of 1)
  • ·         Live within 40 miles of Eldorado to access transportation


How long does treatment last?

Length of treatment will vary depending on the individual’s progress toward treatment goals. Each individual will have a unique, individualized plan of care that is developed and monitored by the treatment team. The treatment is made up of the Medical Director, Therapists, other staff, and the individual. As progress is made, the physician will gradually reduce the number of weekly visits until goals are met.

What is the cost?

Medicare Part B pays 80% of the approved cost, and a secondary insurance generally picks up the remaining 20% of the approved cost.

How can I get more information?

To receive more information, schedule a confidential assessment, or make a referral, call Senior Care at 618-273-CARE (2273).

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