Inpatient Services - The Swingbed Program

We are dedicated to providing you with an environment “built on excellence”. You will find our nursing staff courteous, respectful and enthusiastic to serve your every need. Our highly trained staff will work closely as a team to provide your health care services.

Skilled nursing services as well as rehabilitative services are available through our Swing Bed program.

The Swing Bed program is really just a name for the provision of skilled services. The skilled level of care services are provided after patients have had an acute care stay. Care is provided in the Medical-Surgical area and the bed “swings” to a different level of care.

Some services provided in the Swing Bed setting include physical therapy, medication administrated intravenously (IV), nutrition provided by tube feeding or IV, complex wound care or pain management with IV medications.

The Swing Bed team works cooperatively to plan the care and assist with education and discharge planning. The team discusses services necessary for post-discharge with the patient, the family as appropriate and the physician to best meet the discharge needs. Our Case manager would be happy to discuss these services as appropriate.

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