Your Room

Your room may be private (1 bed) or semi-private (2 beds). If we are unable to provide you with your choice of room, we will transfer you as soon as possible. Oxygen and suction equipment are available in all rooms. If the temperature in your room is not comfortable, please let the nursing staff know so that it can be adjusted.

Each bed has controls that are designed for your comfort and allow you to raise and lower your head and feet. Your bed is also equipped with side rails, which are designed for your safety. If a nurse has raised your side rails, please do not lower them and/or climb over them. Ask for assistance in lowering your side rails if necessary.

Calling the Nurse

Each bed has a control panel that calls the nurses’ station. Feel free to ask the nurse to demonstrate this feature so that you are comfortable in using it should the need arise.

During the Night

Please remain in your bed after you have been prepared for the night. If you need assistance, please use the call button to get a nurse to help you. If it is necessary for a family member to stay with you, the nursing staff can assist you in making arrangements.


There are telephones in each room. If you prefer to remove the telephone from your room, please notify the nurse. To dial an outside line, you must dial a 9 followed by the number. Only local calls may be made on the room phones. Your family and friends can reach you on your room phone by dialing 273-3361. If you are in bed A, your extension is your room number. If you are in bed B, your extension is your room number starting with a 2. (For example: To call bed A in room 123 the extension is 123. The extension for bed B is 223.) Due to the possibility of interference with electronic equipment in the hospital, cellular phones may be used depending on care being provided.


Televisions are provided in all patient rooms and are free. We ask that you are considerate of other patients by keeping your volume low and turning off your television at night. Please ask your nurse if you need assistance in using your tv controls.